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Need a Bobbed Deuce, Military Surplus, Big Hunting Truck or a Mud Bogger?

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Bobbed Deuce, Bobbed 5 ton, Military Surplus Bug Out Vehicles,  Parts and services

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5 ton mobile command truck

with slide out sides, LED white lights, LED blackout lights, fluorescent lights and, air conditioning in the expandable box, refrigerator, Alison automatic transmission, Cummins diesel engine, 13,000 miles, 52" tall tires. $29,500 ( This truck can drive over cars ) The price on this vehicle will change as it is a work in progress.


"We have more trucks available that are not listed on our website" 

Due to the high turnover rate this website can not keep up with current truck listings at this time. ( we are working on fixing that & thank you for your understanding!

Feel free to call/email and ask for available trucks.

980 272 8118

This truck has sold.... But two more are on the way just like this one..... I will be taking orders only for this model HUMMER....





The turtle back hummers like you see above start at    $32,000 and I am only taking orders at this point!

Orders for these types of hummers require a 50% deposit. Call for a better discription and options.



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This Pinzgauer 710 is one of the best examples in the country while much more reliable than a hummer it also has seeting for 12. The rear 10 seats fold down to make a truck bed. The ennine is an air cooled gas engine. You can lock the hubs and also engage 4 wheel drive while the vehicle is in motion. This vehicle is about the size of a mini van but still has enough ground clearance to drive over a 5 gallon bucket with out touching it! The drive line is hidden inside its aluminum tube chassis. $24,000

Pay this guys debt off! This truck was built for $20,700 the customer who paid the deposit to have this truck built has had 2 months to pick up and pay for the truck..... However he has owed money on an incomplete deposit for 5 months! I am not a bank and I do not loan money, I feel that I have given him ample time to follow through with our agreement! Im tired of waiting for him to come through with his end of the agreement ( May I ad I have never met him in person and he has never seen this finished truck. ) He has not returned any of my phone calls recently asking him to pay for truck and pick it up so I don't know what has happened to him? His loss is your gain!


The title is in my hands! The truck has 11,500 miles on it! For those of you who do not know about these trucks go to www.BigBugOutTrucks.com for more information on them! 


This truck has the optional Airomatic Power Steering installed, Winch, Spring seat on the drivers side, Heater, and new tan soft top! The 465ci turbo charged Multifuel engine runs strong and accelerates faster than most stock 465's. The truck was blasted primed twice and painted with 5 coats of 383 green CARC substitute paint.

$15,000 Sold 

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This M923 5 ton cargo truck is turn key ready. 

15,000 miles, new 46" tires, deep fording kit, power steering, Hard top, Cummins diesel, Alison automatic transmission, troop seats, rear canopy, LED headlights, new high back hummer seat, completely serviced and ready for work/play/prep.


pew pew pew