Bobbed Deuces, Bobbed 5 tons, Military Surplus Bug Out Vehicles, Hunting Trucks,  Parts, Services and "PORK PAINT"

Need a Bobbed Deuce, Military Surplus, Big Hunting Truck or a Mud Bogger?

 Big Bug Out Trucks  Doomsday preppers Look no further!


Bobbed Deuce, Bobbed 5 ton, Military Surplus Bug Out Vehicles,  Parts and services

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5 ton mobile command truck

with slide out sides, LED white lights, LED blackout lights, fluorescent lights and, air conditioning in the expandable box, refrigerator, Alison automatic transmission, Cummins diesel engine, 13,000 miles, 52" tall tires. $29,500 ( This truck can drive over cars ) The price on this vehicle will change as it is a work in progress.


"We have more trucks available that are not listed on our website" 

Due to the high turnover rate this website can not keep up with current truck listings at this time. ( we are working on fixing that & thank you for your understanding!

Feel free to call/email and ask for available trucks.

980 272 8118

This truck has sold.... But two more are on the way just like this one..... I will be taking orders only for this model HUMMER....





The turtle back hummers like you see above start at    $32,000 and I am only taking orders at this point!

Orders for these types of hummers require a 50% deposit. Call for a better discription and options.



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This Pinzgauer 710 is one of the best examples in the country while much more reliable than a hummer it also has seeting for 12. The rear 10 seats fold down to make a truck bed. The ennine is an air cooled gas engine. You can lock the hubs and also engage 4 wheel drive while the vehicle is in motion. This vehicle is about the size of a mini van but still has enough ground clearance to drive over a 5 gallon bucket with out touching it! The drive line is hidden inside its aluminum tube chassis. $24,000


Bobbed deuce with 49" tall tires, and added muffler, has turbo, has Reese hitch. Combat rims, multifuel engine, air shift front axle, bucket seats, all fluids replaced. Truck is road worthy and can be titled in any state. 





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Bullet proof glass stops .50 cal

We have the only privately available armored/bullet proof glass that can stop a .50 BMG. 
This glass is leftover from the last Whitehouse re-armoring and bomb removal equipment manufacturing. 

We have tested the glass and it stopped a steel core .50 BMG shot from a M82a1 with a 29" barrel @ 100 yards. We made a video of it doing so.

You can't find armored glass that will stop .50 cal anywhere online because it's not available to the public except this surplus offer. 

The glass can be sold legally to anyone in the USA with no paper work and with proper paperwork almost anyone outside of the USA. 

We have 100% control of the only privately available supply of .50 cal proof glass and I'm willing to part with it for $145,000

It cost approximately $300000 to manufacture the 5000+ lbs of glass we have. 
We were very fortunate to get this glass as we bought all of the manufacturing facilities stockpile of glass after their government contract was over and they needed to downsize from their facility. 

The components in the glass are of a special formula only known to the manufacturer and US government. 

The conditions of the sale are this... Glass must be picked up in USA as we will not export out of country. It can be exported but we don't want the hassle.